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web portfolioFinding a good Denver web developer is not easy. There's no shortage of us out here. But how can you read between the lines and find one that will be right for you?

5 things to look for when evaluating a web developer

If you're in the market for a Denver web developer that really "gets it" when it comes to not just design, but funcitonality and marketing the site as well, we hope you find this list helpful (and hire us).

Web Site Design, Development, and Marketing

We primarily work with small businesses who need no nonsense sites with a strong basis in search engine optimization (SEO) to save money on the advertising of the site. All sites can benefit from both SEO and internt marketing, so we provide both services.

Our sites are created using the most popular methods, and programming (Wordpress, Drupal, php, html, css), that are universally accepted by top hosts servers, platforms and browsers.

As far as design and scope, each site is specific to your business. We spend some time getting to know you, your business, and your industry while developing your website.

Finding a Great Web Site Developer in Denver

1) Is the website developer an SEO fanatic

Search Engine Optimization is such a critical concern for websites, that it really needs to be factored into the site's development right from the very start. When evaluating a site developer always start by looking at how they approach SEO. The sites they've created - do they contain lots of keyword-rich text? Does the site have a URL structure that contains useful keywords? Do images have captions and alt tags? Do the links within the site contain informative keywords?

The web developer must deliberately think about the keywords that mean the most to the subject of the site, and incorporate these keywords throughout the entire site.

2) It's about displaying your product or service, not their design

A really good developer knows that they are only successful if the website allows the products or service to play the dominant role in a viewers experience. If a viewer has "Wow, look at this website design!" on their mind first thing when they arrive it is nice, but might not be the best thing. It's tempting to fall for that when you are shopping for a site designer, but your services should be front and center, and the design of the site attractive and functional.

A great developer knows that simplicity is the best approach for you and your customers, and isn't trying to use your website to impress other designers.

3) Your website developer shouldn't rely on Flash

Flash is yesterday's gimmick, and it's going away. We've been saying this for years, and it's becoming quite obvious that sites built entirely in Flash put your business at a disadvantage.

If you're Coca-Cola, or a major television network and people know your name and how to find you, Flash is fine. But not if you want to be found online! Or have potential clients who have work to get done and need to learn about you quickly.

If you are talking to a developer, and they keep trying to push you in the direction of Flash, let serve as a red flag warning for you. If they are only comfortable working in Flash, run.

Flash is not 100% evil, though. It does have some very legitimate uses, like embedded video, animated/interactive charts and graphs, and slideshows. But you should never build an entire website in Flash. There's no need for that today.

4) They don't leave the hard stuff to you

Some web site developers only make a pretty design then supply you with a Photoshop file that contains their design, and expect you to go out and find someone else to actually turn it into HTML. You should have a complete website at the end of the process. That's what you're paying them for.

5) They realize that every project is different

Every business has a different set of customers and a different way of doing business. In the end, your website needs to be built to make life easier for YOUR CUSTOMERS. It's not built to make your developer happy. It's a business and marketing tool for you and your customers.

Your web designer should be asking you questions about your competitors and your customers (what's important to them, or to describe their behavior). At the end of the day, it's how the site performs for your customers that matters. This can be measured through unsolicited praise ("Your website was so easy to use!") and the amount of money it generates.

When evaluating a Denver website developer, remember, unless they specialize in a particular industry, you don't need to discount them just because they have not yet done a site in your industry. Mozart never wrote a symphony until he wrote one. Turns out he did a pretty good job.